AFF Skydiver Training Course to fly by yourself

Training course reservation

Please check the contents below and apply.
It is an epoch-making skydiver training method developed in the United States, said it is said to be the safest and fastest to acquire now. It is the course of those who want to be able to fly by themselves. After the Grand training (ground training), you can jump from the advanced role 4,000 m.

School flow

1. Grand training (ground training)

First of all, please make reservations for Grand Tray by phone or email.
  • Grand training is the first step of the AFF course. It is the first ground training necessary for flying alone.
  • Reservation for Grand Training is only at 8:30 start course.

2. Ground training entrance (including enrollment procedures and insurance procedures)

In the Grand Training, you will learn basic skydiving knowledge, equipment, free fall position (attitude), canopy control etc (6 ~ 8 hours required).
  • For those who want to learn more about skydiving as well as those who will learn at the AFF course, you can take classes for the time being.
  • A If you receive Grand training at the end of the week you can jump at the school from the next weekend!

AFF jump level 0 to start

After finishing the Grand training, you can actually jump with the instructor.
  • After finishing the Grand training, you can actually jump with the instructor.
  • Level 0 to level 7 The instructor is very safe because it will jump together according to the level.
  • Jumping alone is possible if level 7 ends. You will be able to fly alone with a minimum of 8 jumps.

Intensive training course available

It is a course to attend intensive using consecutive holidays. Golden week (4/29 ~ 5/5), summer vacation (around the 2nd week of August), held on New Year's break. Every day I flight and I will be in a short period of time to graduate from the AFF course. Please take a break and challenge.

AFF course price

  • The tuition fee will be paid in full. (Ground training and teaching materials will be paid in cash on the day of the course)
  • The training level includes one aircraft fee for each jump.
  • A separate fee of 1,920 yen for tunnel progression must be paid directly to the instructor in charge of the fly station on the day of the course.
  • The fees and cancellation fees listed on this page are as of August 19, 2022.
  • Please note that prices are subject to change without notice.
  • AFF school students, SNS discount available. Discount of 1000 yen for each level passed, up to 9000 yen. We will respond with a manifest. Refreshments are not eligible for discount.
Admission fee - Annual fee (including third party compensation)30,000 yen
Grand training (ground training)68,000 yen (Date to hold) Local payment on the day
58,000 yen (Days not held) Local payment on the day
Implementation training level 028,000 yen
Implementation training level 128,000 yen
Implementation training level 228,000 yen
tunnel progression35,320 yen
Implementation training level 335,500 yen
Implementation training level 4 23,000 yen
Implementation training level 5 23,000 yen
Implementation training level 6 23,000 yen
Implementation training level 7 23,000 yen
Group accident insurance fee PThe fee varies depending on the month of enrollment.
Total price (excluding ground training fees) 304,320 yen or more.

AFF school course notes

It takes about 2 weeks to process the AFF course. Please apply over 14 days before the day you want to start the course. If you are in a hurry, please contact us directly by phone.
For weekday reservations, only levels 0, 1 and 2 can be accepted.
For weekends and holidays reservations, levels 0 to 7 can be accepted.
Tunnel progression can be taken as many times as you like during the school. 20 minutes 35,320 yen (first time paid when you join AFF, second and subsequent times must be paid separately to Skydive Fujioka) Coach fee 1,920 yen per 20 minute session (4,800 yen after the second session). Payment should be made by the Student directly to the assigned Fly Station Instructor after the flight. Tunnel Progression Reservations. In order to prevent fraudulent use of time, reservations must be made by a dedicated instructor or receptionist at Skydive Fujioka. Reservations cannot be made by the students themselves. What to bring during the tunnel progression. Log book, Skydive Fujioka jumpsuit, coach fee of 1,920 yen, Skydive Fujioka membership card. Translated with (free version)

The following is Skydive Fujioka
Those who do skydiving are all necessary items in common

About jumping one

[ Important ] About minors

For minors (under 18), parental approval is required. Please note that skydiving can not be done without this document on that day. Please download the consent form from below and fill in the necessary number of persons and seal and bring it on the day.


  • Those who are over 90 kg are not accepted for safety reasons.

About those who can not jump

I refuse the following people.

  • Those who take alcohol or drugs
  • Those who did scuba diving within 24 hours
  • Those within 1 week after blood donation
  • Those with abnormalities in heart disease, psychosis, otolaryngology disease, epilepsy, seizures, cardiovascular system
  • Pregnant women or potential pregnancy
  • Persons who have experienced dislocation in the past
  • Those weighing 90 kg or more
  • Those over 50 years old
  • Those with health problems can not apply
  • Those with abnormality in four limbs, spine

About access

Please see the following page (document).
[ Homepage ] Access (HP guide)

What to bring, clothes etc.


  • For contact lenses, please use disposable contact lenses.
  • For spectacles, please wear sports spectacles bands.
  • Please bring a seal. Please forgive me in thumbprint when I forget it.
  • Students are encouraged to bring student cards.


  • Shoes are used regularly Athletic shoes / sneakers (things with ties are better)
  • Clothes that may be slightly soiled with clothes when going outdoors.
  • Clothes that you can take off if it is hot or wear it if it is cold.
  • For women, please refrain from skirts, heels, boots and so on.
  • I think that it is amazing when you have sunscreen, hat and sunglasses.
  • Please bring a neck warmer and gloves in fall or winter. The muffler cannot be worn during skydiving.


  • If you are worried about motion sickness please drink sickness stop medicine.

Other important matters

About discontinuation of skydiving

It may not be carried out depending on the weather on the day of holding. Since the site will do judgment of implementation, please follow local judgment. In case of cancellation, we will contact the representative who made the reservation by 6: 30 ~ 7: 30 on the morning of the day.
  • Please turn on the phone and keep it in touch.
  • We do not pay travel expenses, accommodation expenses, etc.
  • Please be sure to receive mail from and make inquiries.
  • Some users (in particular smartphones) are asked to comment that PDF materials can not be seen. For details on how to view PDF data, please check after using your terminal or application.
  • A reply mail is sent to the input mail address. If you do not receive a reply mail or if you do not contact us, there is a possibility that it has not been accepted correctly. Please contact 0570-02-5390 or so that we can contact you.

[Other inquiries (weekdays from 9: 00 to 17: 00)]

Phone : 0570-02-5390
  • We are transferring the phone to the skydiving site because the office reception is
    not available on the day of the jump on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays.
  • Since the jump holding date is crowded, we may be unable to respond by telephone.
    Please contact me via email.
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